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Listed below are the members of Fort Lauderdale Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification
Tony Abbate    Education - Architecture
Jaye Abbate    Arts Incubator
Ali Adham    Mortgage Broker
Fred Anderson    Insurance
Adrian Anghelescu    Information Services
Bruce Angier    Public Safety-Assistant Fire Chief
John Aquino   
Roger Arndall    Banking-Commercial
Dan Arnold, III    Law-Civil Trial
Dan Austin, PHD    Business - University
Randy Avon    International Business
Summer Barranco    Attorney
Kevin Barry    General Contractor
Steve Bassett    Engineering-Asbestos
Dirk Basting    Laser Technique
Gabe Bodnar    Dentist
Steve Botkin    Insurance-Commercial
Wayne Boylan    Healthcare
Bill Branan    Consulting
Neal Bredbeck    Photographer
Victoria Briggs    Real Estate/Residential
Monique Brochu    Law - Criminal
Martin Brody   
Jim Brooks    * Friend of the Club Maestro/Director
Denise Caligiuri    Credit Card Processing
Les Campbell    Brokerage - Investments
Ziya Celik    Physician
Horace Chang    Food Distributing
Jeff Clark    Banker
Linda Cooke    Manufacturing Services
Howard Crompton    Graphics-Service Bureau
Ziara Dannenfelser    TV Production
Bill Davidge    Vintner
Heiko Dobrikow    Hotel/General Manager
Rob Dressler    Law - Wills & Estate Planning
Colette Drimmer    Attorney
Jack Drury    Non Profit
Maria Duval    Real Estate-Realtor
Bob Easton, Jr    Optometric Physician
Paul Engle    Marine
Charles Felix, CPA    Newspaper Publisher
Robert Ferris, Jr    Attorney/Mediator
Robert Field, Jr    Specialty Building Products
Jack Fink, Jr    Coastguard/Engineer Retired
Richard Forum    Dentistry
Lisa Founds    Winterfest - Special Events
Wilkie Gilbert, Sr    Publications-Marketing
Don Glenn, Jr    Management Consultant
F. Godart    Real Estate-Developement/Leasing
Mike Grimme    Furniture Sales
Saint Guardabassi    Real Estate/Commercial Sales & Leasing
Jon Gundlach    Business Development Financial Advisor
Bill Gundlach, III    Consulting Food Safety
John Gustafson    Security Brokerage
Bob Helmholdt    Physician/Orthodontist
Grant Henderson    Yacht Broker
Ed Hickey   
Jon Hines    Environmental Services
Susan Howell    Publicist/Entertainment
Jorg Hruschka    Construction/Remodeling
Richard Jarchow    Accounting - Service
Jonathan Keith, PA    Realtor Broker
Donald Kellermeyer    Retired/Wholesale Distribution
Shaun Kelley-Perrone    Banking - Estate
Chris Kerlin    Internet Sports Marketing
Doug Kniskern    Attorney/Wills & Trusts
David Kramer    Building Manager
Marty Kurtz    Accounting-Consultant
Lee Anne LeBlanc    Attorney-Intellectual Property
Shelley Leinicke    Attorney/Appellate
Steven Leinicke, Esq    Law-Civil Litigation
Jeffrey Levenson    Judge - Circuit Court
Johanna Lobdell    Financial Planning
Christine Madsen    Marketing
Ralph Marrinson    Convalescent Home
Rick Marshall, II    Investor
George Maxwell    Aircraft Parts - Export
Sheldon McCartney    Contractor-General
Colleen McCrory    Healthcare
Scott McLaughlin    Land Surveying/Engineer
Patrick McNamara    Insurance/Account Executive
Michael Meacham    Real Estate - Appraiser
Jamie Meehan    Financial Advisor
C.A. Messana    Catering
Perry Monioudis    Attorney/Bankruptcy
Scott Montgomery    Financial Planning
Robert Moorman, Jr    Jewelry-Retail
Kathy Morgan    Florist
Walter Morgan    Law-Real Estate
Carol Moroco    Banker/Commercial
Mark Newman    Real Estate marketing and Sales
Leonard O'Mara    Consulting/Management
Stephen Patterson    Physician/Oncologist
Steve Picha    Accounting - CPA
William Poulson    Brokerage-Mutual Funds
James Powers    Health Services
Tom Powers    Drug Testing
August Pujols, PE    Engineering-Mechanical
Massimo Pulcini    Insurance
Tony Quackenbush    Attorney
Frank Quintas    Airline Pilot
David Ramsey    Mortgage Banking
Lloyd Rhodes    Insurance - Managed Care
Terry Robinson    Insurance-Risk Management
Bobby Rodriguez    Event Producer
Romney Rogers    Law-General
Robert Romano    Education/Retired
Michael Rosa    * Friend of the Club Hospitality/General Manager
Robert Rosenberg    Circuit Judge
Jerry Rosenthal    Tires; Wholesale-Retail
Michael Ryan    Financial Advisor
David Sage    Finance
Mike Sanchez    Architect-Commercial
Gus Schmidt    Law/Corporate
Paul Schuler    At Sea Clean-up
Charles Schwabe    Historian
Kimberly Scott    Executive Director of Club
Jeff Shaffner    Non Profit - Challenge Air
Bob Shepard    Optometry
Rich Sherman    Law - Appeal Attorney
John Siegle    Association Admin. - Construction
Leon Sikes, Jr    Tile; Ceramic-Distribution
Buzz Smith    Warehouse Developement
Karen Stevenson    Accounting - General Services
Shawn Stewart    Health Care Consultant
Shirley Stone    * Honorary Member
Ken Strauss    CPA - Taxation
Danielle Sylvester    Alumni/Annual Giving
Lou Vela    Real Estate Management
Bryan Waggoner    Managing Director
Les Waites    Real Estate Broker
Suzanne Waterhouse    Community Associations-Management
Linda Rae White    Law- Eminent Domain
Ray Williams    Consulting
James Woods    Management/Waste
Joe Young    Insurance
viewing 1 to 136 of 136                                           >> Next 20 >>
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List names that begin with:    A to G       H to O       P to Z